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When your processes work well, they can significantly improve efficiency, productivity and member satisfaction. However, processes that do not work can be frustrating and cause delays, financial loss or even reputational damage. Even the best processes can become stale over time. Due to the complex nature of pension administration and a constant cycle of legislative changes, it can be very difficult to allocate time to check you are operating at your peak.


We can help you reinvent the way you work, allowing you to focus on providing a great experience for your customers and getting the most out of your resources. Using an Aquila Heywood Process Review, you will benefit from our software expertise and deep knowledge of pensions and industry best practice, as well as receiving an independent external perspective on your processes.


You will receive a full end-to-end Process Review consisting of the following stages:

  • On-site visits to:

    • Analyse and map out the current process to understand areas for improvement
    • Assist the designing of a future process for areas that require improving
  • Creation and provision of an implementation plan to achieve the desired process


  • Streamline your processes and cut out waste to increase productivity and save time and money

  • Provide excellent member service by designing processes around your customers

  • On-board new starters at lower cost through a consistency of service, by building clear and simple process documentation

  • Increase accuracy of reporting, by providing comprehensive MI to help inform your decision-making

  • Demonstrate improvements and a return on investment by benchmarking the performance of processes

  • Achieve compliance with industry standards, such as PASA accreditation

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