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Health Check


Every scheme and fund is under pressure to do more with less. Using your available technology is a good place to start. Without regular review, it is easy for systems and processes to become stale. Sometimes lost knowledge means that you do not fully know what your systems can do.


An Aquila Heywood Health Check looks at how you use the system and helps you get the most out of what you already have. This includes checking to see whether your Altair™ environments are in an optimal state and correctly configured to support your needs, while highlighting unused features and functionality that would benefit you.

The following key areas are reviewed as part of a full Health Check:

  • System administration

  • Workflow

  • Benefit calculations

  • Infrastructure and technical performance

  • Payroll


Once an Aquila Heywood Health Check has been carried out, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive 'traffic light' report of findings, reflecting your current position

  • Advice on how to improve your system settings/processes

  • Recommendations on how to optimise your system

The scope of the Health Check can be focused on areas of particular concern, if needed, to provide maximum benefit to your organisation.


  • Receive a comprehensive overview of your current infrastructure and processes

  • Identify improvements to boost efficiency and save costs

  • Create business cases for change, by flagging areas that will offer high Return on Investment

  • Receive on-site visits by an expert consultant

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