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Continuous Improvement


Meet the growing demands of your members, the regulators and pension boards, while providing a high-quality service, by maximising the benefits of the pension administration platform that underpins the service you deliver you to members.


With a project team of your staff and Aquila Heywood consultants, a Continuous Improvement programme will enable your organization to configure and implement value-added improvements at a fast pace, while realizing the benefits and learning from new techniques. Using the Aquila Heywood Continuous Improvement service, you will benefit from our software expertise and our SCRUM experience, as well as receiving an independent external perspective on your processes.


You will receive a 6-12-week on-site programme, containing:

  • Detailed discovery workshops to identify areas of inefficiency and improvements within key processes

  • Creation of an improvement backlog

  • SCRUM and function training to understand the concepts and application

  • Consultancy and configuration of the recommended solutions

  • Programme setup and governance


  • Simplify work management and improve the visibility of outstanding work by transforming your operating model and embedding common ways of working.

  • Reduce your administrative burden by decreasing case processing time, eliminating unnecessary manual checks and automating manual activities.

  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement by adopting best practice, training users to take ownership, addressing the risk of single points of failure and building trust/confidence in the system.

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