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Engagement Solutions

The growth of digital transformation has brought new challenges to scheme providers as they tackle a general pensions and savings knowledge deficit across an ageing population. While having a digital strategy is a step forward, educating and boosting member interactions and enticing the adoption of new propositions is needed.

At Aquila Heywood we help customers to engage and interact with their members across multiple devices and digital channels. Our engagement solution allows you to truly personalise communications.

Boost Member Engagement for Maximum Return

Measurably increase service and reduce complexity in managing member engagement

Build trust through enhanced interaction across multiple channels

Reduce cost-per-member and track behaviour, preferences and choices

Solve your Engagement Challenges

Our Member Self-Service (MSS) digital solution enables you to deliver engaging, context-sensitive communications, personalised to your audience. By utilising modern data analytics, you can better segment your audience and tailor your message accordingly. A range of guidance, advice and modelling tools encourages customers and stakeholders to become engaged with their finances.

Deliver Engaging and Dynamic Communications to Members

Configured and optimised self-service for multiple devices

Data analysis to identify member communication preferences and behaviour

Modelling tools enabling members to compare financial scenarios

Member segmentation tools to truly personalise propositions

What our Customers Say:

The new MSS has improved our relationship with our members providing a more tailored, responsive and straightforward engagement and communication channel... Aquila Heywood understood our needs and was able to deliver new MSS to our timelines and budget.

Pensions System Manager