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Data Governance

Increasing expectations for self-service, emergence of the Pensions Dashboards and renewed focus from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) means added pressures on the day-to-day running of pension schemes.

At Aquila Heywood, we help customers navigate the complexity of data quality and data accuracy. We work with you to build a flexible governance strategy that is responsive to changing regulatory requirements and your circumstances.

What Good Governance Looks Like

Offers high-quality and efficient service to members and stakeholders

Conforms with legislative guidelines and best practice

Accurately values scheme assets and liabilities

Improve your Data Quality, Transform your Service

Aquila Heywood works closely with you to understand the quality of your data and the impact this has on your ability to offer high-quality and cost-effective administration. This insight allows a detailed strategy to be developed, which offers the most effective way to improve your service to members, while optimising operational efficiency.

Data Analysis Service

Dedicated Aquila Heywood expertise and guidance


Collaborative assessment of the quality of your data and impact on the service you offer


Full assessment of both common and conditional data as set out by The Pensions Regulator


Comprehensive data plan with recommendations for improvements over time

What our Customers Say:

By being a part of the pilot and seeing the outputs, my opinion of what the service offered has changed, as although I knew it would be useful, the report produced provides more than just a TPR box-ticking exercise. We will get far more value out of it by being able to target improvements to our data.

Debbie Sharp

Pension Administration Manager

Shropshire County Pension Fund

Correct and Enhance your Data, Reduce Costs

Aquila Heywood's Automated Data Cleanse Service will not only make your life easier by tackling rising administration and operational costs, but will also make sure you are ready for pension regulation challenges on the horizon.

Our approach is to automate the correction of data as much as possible by using rich industry-standard third-party data sets to correct and enhance your member data.

Data Cleanse Service

Automated cleansing of key common data attributes

Automated validation and formatting of common data attributes

Automated data enhancements with email address, preferred communication channel and profiling information

Mortality screening to ensure pension payments are being made to the right people


Reduced administration costs

Improved ability to tackle liability reduction

Improved accuracy of scheme valuation

Improved communication

What our Customers Say:

We started working with Aquila Heywood on GMP reconciliation last September and have found working with them to be effective and efficient. They have taken the burden off us, allowing my team to continue to do their day-to-day activities.

Chris Hurst

Pension Fund Manager

Powys County Pension Fund