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More Police and Fire Funds have chosen to use our platform than any other.

Help your employers manage their pension fund finances whilst reducing the cost of managing your everyday activities and maintaining a high level of data quality with Altair Police & Fire. 

Real-time management dashboards - Fund and Trustee reporting

Digital self-service suite - Member and employer portals

Personalised engagement - Communications management tools

Administration management - Automated, pre-built processing

Operations workbenches - Flexible operational service management

Regulatory and business compliance as standard

A comprehensive suite of benefit calculations

Standard and amendable suite of reports and extracts

Built-in document management and bulk processing pensioner payroll from a single member database

Specifically designed for large-scale pension scheme administration, covering the whole lifecycle from joining, through benefits accrual to retirement and pension payments

Automated, workflow-driven processing ensures highly accurate and streamlined back-office administration

A modern self-service portal enables members to engage fully with their pensions and reply directly to correspondence

A robust engine capable of running both individual and bulk calculations, no matter how complex

What our Customers Say:

The proposal put forward by Aquila Heywood allowed XPS Pensions Group to speed up the process of converting member data provided from one system into a format and structure that could be uploaded straight to the Altair system. This greatly reduced the time required to build the member database and simplified what had become a complex procedure.

Graeme Hall

Operations Manager

XPS Administration

Why Choose Altair Police and Fire?

Meet tight regulatory deadlines

Monitor and meet your servicing targets

Improve member engagement

Provide relevant information to your pension boards and regulatory bodies

Help members to better plan for their retirement

Enable members to see details of their pension benefits