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Explore our Altair LGPS Solution

More LGPS funds have chosen to use our platform

than any other. 

Reduce the cost of managing your everyday activities by monitoring and meeting your servicing targets. Altair LGPS is a comprehensive, award-winning pensions administration platform developed specifically for local government schemes.

Unmatched coverage of LGPS benefit calculations - Comprehensive employer management

Real-time management dashboards - Fund and Trustee reporting

Digital self-service suite - Member and employer portals

Personalized engagement - Communications management tools

Administration management - Automated, pre-built processing

Operations workbenches - Flexible operational service management

Regulatory and business compliance as standard

A robust engine capable of running both individual and bulk calculations, no matter how complex

Standard and amendable suite of reports and extracts

Fully integrated document management solution

Flexible tools to import member data in bulk

Supports the whole member lifecycle from joining, through to benefits accrual, and retirement and pension payments

Automated workflow-driven processing ensures highly accurate and streamlined back-office administration

Automated employer management for regular uploads of HR data, contribution reconciliation and strain calculations

Built-in document management and bulk processing pensioner payroll from a single member database

What our Customers Say:

We feel that there is greater security, as information has less chance of being lost or stolen, and the information is securely backed up, protecting us from any potential data loss. 

Justine  Spring

Pensions Manager

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Why Choose Altair LGPS?

Maintain a high level of data quality

Meet tight regulatory deadlines by improving member engagement

Provide relevant information to your pension boards

Help your employers to manage their pension fund finances

Easily comply with regulator obligations    

Understand and manage contributions to the fund

Support your members by helping them better plan and manage their retirement